A Bite of Fall: Cider Donuts

A Bite of Fall: Cider Donuts

Apples might be great, but donuts are wicked awesome.

So, while some people think that fall isn’t official until they’ve had their first hot (possibly mulled) apple cider, I think fall hasn’t started until I’ve had my first hot cider donuts.

By: Mike Mozart

Cider donuts have been around for a while, but have only recently become something that people obsess about. And why not? They are little bites of fall that are perfect to munch on while picking pumpkins or apples.

There are a lot of different places you could go, but here are my top three in a countdown:

3. Most people will tell you that Honey Pot Hill is the place to get your donuts. With its large orchard and petting zoo, there is definitely a lot to do. However, it seems as if the entire population of Somerville, Cambridge, Medford, and northern neighborhoods of Boston go here too. Be prepared for long lines and arrive before closing as they might run out of donuts before you get to the window!!

By: Karen
2. I have only recently noticed Red Apple Farm, partially because of our trips out to Western Mass, but also because of their new location. In 2015, Boston Public Market opened up. Not only do they host cooking classes, wine tastings, and other events in their classroom area, they also provide space for 40 vendors to sell their products to the public. Almost all of these places are from Massachusetts and Red Apple Farm has a stand right at one of the windows! The donuts you get from here are almost always hot, but smaller in size.
Red Apple Cider Donuts
1. The best donuts, though, come from a small farm in North Andover called ¬†Smolak Farms.¬†Established in 1985 as a farm, the Smolak family has consistently added new plants, animals, and activities for visitors. One of their most popular items is (you guessed it!) their cider donuts. I’ve been eating these for over 15 years at least and they are my most favorite thing about fall. A half dozen will set you back about $7. Try to get a hot batch as they are even more delicious that way. Don’t forget to visit the farm animals on your way back to your car!
Smolack Farms Cider donuts
Want to make your own? Check out this recipe and let us know how it went!

Have you tried cider donuts? Where are your favorites from?

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Cider Donuts of Massachusetts. Yum!

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