Denmark Castles: Rosenborg Slot

Denmark Castles: Rosenborg Slot


Everyone loves castles, right? Luckily, Denmark has many different options for you to choose from!

Just down the street from our hotel (see our review here) was Kogens Have the location of Rosenborg Slot. Slot in Danish means castle!

Rosenborg is a lovely renaissance castle with three levels on top of an amazing basement (we’ll get to that in a minute).  Bags are not allowed into the structure, but there are lockers located in both the ticket area and small gift shop.


TIP: if you get there right at opening like we did, use a locker in the gift shop…otherwise you might get trampled by eager visitors!

Inside the castle there is A LOT to see throughout the 3 levels, but there are no labels on anything. If you have data on your phone, you can use their app but we did not want to risk roaming charges so we just wandered around.

Danish Zoltan?

There were awesome statues, paintings, and furniture throughout the building. Sometimes, it felt a little overwhelming with the number of people and the narrow spaces. The privy room was probably the smallest space that we had access to, but were surrounded by lovely blue and white tiles.

The real amazing place, though, was located in the basement. Walking past members of the Life Guard, you descend a number of stairs into a slightly darken space.

It is slightly difficult to know where to look walking through the Treasury! So many shiny things catch your attention. One thing that was amazing to see were a pair of Colt Revolvers given to the King by Abraham Lincoln.

There were also muskets, swords, and a huge case of gold figurines in that room. The next had tons of ivory (ugh) and amber and the final room lead to a cave full of what could only be wicked expensive wine.



On the other side of the space is the entrance to the jewels!


Emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and more sparkled in this space (attended by the only “guards” we saw the entire time). There was a tour group in there while we waited for some space, but they were polite and moved so we could also take photos.

The Crown Jewels of Denmark.
The Crown Jewels of Denmark.

All in all, it was amazing! Highly recommended, though if you have the ability to use their app I would. I know we missed a lot of information because of that, but it was still a great place to visit.


Know Before You Go:

Cost: Free with Copenhagen Card, 110 KR (About $13.00)

Hours: Vary by season. From now until June 15, they are open 10 am to 4 pm

Amount of Time Spent: 1 – 1 ½ hours

Want more information? Visit their website here.

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