National Trails Day!

National Trails Day!

Trillium along the A to Z trail of Mount Tom

This past weekend was National Trails Day here in the US and without knowing it, we happened to be hiking in New Hampshire!

It isn’t often that there are active train tracks to cross at the beginning of the hike!

We have long attempted to climb all the 4,000 footers in the White Mountains of NH. There are 48 mountains that are above 4,000 feet throughout the area (some just above by 3 feet or so!) and by completing them, you can get a patch and the satisfaction of completing a significant milestone. Some people are crazy enough to do it in each season!

No views from the top of Mount Tom.

We decided to do Mounts Tom, Field, and Willey which are located right by the Crawford Notch Lodge and Highland Center, which is run by the awesome folks at the Appalachian Mountain Club.

No views from the summit of Mount Field either.

Unfortunately, the temperatures hovered in the “high” 40s and it started to rain lightly right after we started and never let up. 8 miles in the rain with lots of rocks made us decide that we didn’t want it to be 10 miles! We turned around one summit early and only bagged Mount Tom and Field.

While the trail wasn’t very long in reality, there were a ton of signs!

So many trail signs! I even missed a few.

The trails are good, but slightly dangerous in the rain. Lots of slick rocks and lots and lots of downhill on rocks down the Avalon Trail. So much mud! Would be much more pleasant on a sunny day.

I would fall another 3 times, once flat on my butt. It was a long hike.

So that knocks off numbers 18 and 19 for us! We’ll come back and get Mount Willey sometime later. ¬†Looking forward to getting up Mount Washington next month for the 8th time for me and 10+ for Eric!

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