Summer Dreams

Summer Dreams

Unlike last year, this summer was cool, a bit rainy, and chock full of activities.

This year, we managed to

  • find this amazing fish at an antique shack on the Cape
  • See Botticelli’s Venus
  • Collect more shells that I might know what to do with
  • Countless trips on the ferry to and from work
  • Winning tons of tickets at the local arcade
  • Kayaking a bunch of times throughout the state
  • Hiking even more mountains and surviving 😉
  • Getting one of my best friends married
  • Finding sand dollars for the first time at the beach (I literally squeaked!)
  • Staying at an “off-grid” cabin in Vermont
  • Celebrating Labor Day in style with friends and happy beer

Not sure how fall is going to compete, but we are looking forward to letting it try!


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