The Darby Field Inn

The Darby Field Inn

On a hill just off Route 16 in Albany, NH is The Darby Field Inn. Located near North Conway and several mountains, the Inn was a great stop for an early spring trip north.

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Our room was cozy with a bed, two nightstands, electric fireplace, a closet, and an adorable fold out desk. Unlike other hotels or Inns that we have been to, the water pressure in the shower was amazing and the bed was the most comfortable one we’ve slept on in a while!

Darby Field

There was no television in the room, but you won’t need it with the view from the room! The inn offers a fantastic view of the nearby White Mountains.

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From our window, we could identify nearly 10 peaks. If you aren’t sure which peaks are which, there are handy guides located throughout the inn!

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Unlike some other Inns, Darby Field boasts a large number of rooms, which makes it a good place for family gatherings or events. As we were leaving one day, the staff was setting up for a wedding that was being hosted later that evening. At least 14 people from the wedding were staying at the Inn, and there was room for even more guests to stay that night.

Not a lot of snow, but way too much ice this year.
Not a lot of snow, but way too much ice this year.

Unfortunately, there has not been much snow in the New England area this winter nor warmth in the spring, which meant that two of the outdoor options (skiing or the pool/outdoor fireplace) at Darby Field were not available to us. However, if you are visiting in the winter and have your own cross country skis, the Inn boasts a few trails just outside the tavern.

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Make sure to check with the staff before going out about the conditions and check out the handy map by the wood shed.  In the spring and summer, guests are able to use the pool or sit outside by the fireplace and soak in the natural beauty of the area. This would be a great place to come and relax after a day or two of hiking the local peaks.

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Unlike other BnBs that we have stayed in this year, Darby Field has a menu that anyone will love. Eric had a delicious haddock and Jocelyn had duck. Both were prepared with love and skill and were delicious. Even though we had bread and two full meals, we couldn’t refuse dessert! Homemade chocolate cake and warm apple pie were soon brought to our table and devoured within minutes.


If you are looking for a place to stay that has great food and won’t make you wait in line like the restaurants in Jackson or Conway, consider Darby Field for your stay!
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Another great thing about the Darby Field Inn was its location. Since it was situated really close to Conway, NH, you could easily get into town or avoid it completely. It was also located near our hiking destination for the day: South Moat Mountain. A steep and short climb up the trails opened up to a beautiful view from the summit, which would could also see from our room at Darby Field. Want to know more about South Moat? Read our trail report here!



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Review of The Darby Field Inn, Albany, NH. Great food and location!!

While this post was sponsored by Select Registry and The Darby Field Inn, all opinions expressed are our own!

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