The Sunflowers of Newbury

The Sunflowers of Newbury

Sunflowers are one of the last types to bloom and definitely are a herald of summer’s last days. Cooler weather and early sunsets are on their way!

Colby Farm in Newbury, MA has been using these beautiful flowers to make a carpet of yellow every fall for the last 12 years. People travel from all over New England and even the Northeast to catch a glimpse of them! Luckily, this year we had a good amount of rain and pleasant temperatures and the sunflowers are in bloom!

If you want to visit, get there in the next few days! The flowers last about 10-12 days on the stalks and it has already been 5 days of bloom so far. While there, you can stop by their farmstand to get fruits, veggies, flowers, meals, and more.


There is a ton of traffic getting in and out of the parking area. Be aware that there may be a $5 fee for parking. We parked on the street and walked down. Just be careful if you do this.

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A visit to Colby Farm's Sunflower Field, Newbury, MA


18 thoughts on “The Sunflowers of Newbury

  1. I love sunflowers so much.. I am a huge Van Gogh fan, and I think that just pushes it over the top.. The close up picture with the bees is amazing, and this really makes me want to go there!

    1. There were so many bees! Definitely not the place for someone who is allergic, but they were so full they were moving slowly 🙂 It was pretty awesome to see

    1. I think they are becoming more popular! The area around it is super cute too…they were having a fishing contest in town that day

  2. I love sunflower fields as you can’t help but smile when you see one. Great photos too. Thanks for sharing. I don’t live on that side of the states, but if I did I’d drive over.

  3. Sunflower is one of my favourite flowers! I will be very happy to be in the field. In fact, that’s one of my wish lists besides going to Lavender field. Just happy to see the colors 🙂

  4. I’ve never been to a sunflower farm of that scale. The thought of being surrounded by the bright sunflowers already brightens me up and I couldn’t imagine how much delightful it would be for real. 🙂

  5. A sunflower field is always such a gorgeous view! It definitely brightens my day every time I am travelling somewhere and spot one along the road! A never ending yellow carpet.

  6. They are absolutely gorgeous!! I’m traveling next year to Ottawa for the tulip festival b/c of a blog post.. I might have to take a trip here because of this post haha

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