Hotel Christian IV

Hotel Christian IV


Going into our trip to Copenhagen, we were certain of a very few things…

  1. We wanted to see a castle
  2. We wanted to have a good location for walking the city
  3. We did not want to stay in a hostel

I know a lot of people looooove staying in hostels for a variety of reasons. You get to meet a lot of other people, they often have organized events, and sometimes have a little cafe or restaurant inside of them. We, however, prefer to have our own space and the ability to separate from the crowd. Hostels also sometimes have bed bug problems and we are definitely not down with that.

As part of the package that we booked with Expedia, we were placed at the Hotel Christian IV. Located a little off the beaten path in a safe and quiet neighborhood (Dronningens Tværgade 45, 1302 København K, Denmark) it was the perfect launching pad for our adventures in Copenhagen. Just around the corner from the hotel is Kongens Have (The King’s Garden) and Rosenborg Slot, Geological Museum, and other unique sites to visit.

Though it lacks a restaurant, the breakfast put out each morning was great. Lots of options for people ranging from corn flakes and raisin bran to croissants and pastries to meat (?), cheese, eggs, and free shots of liquor.  There was also coffee, water, juice, and snacks available throughout the rest of the day which was great after a night of wandering the streets of the city.

The room that we were put in had a lovely view of a willow tree and great afternoon light, but also had some wonderful blackout curtains. That was key on our first day there for our afternoon nap. We both appreciated the small lamps placed above each side of the bed and the little shelves beside them. Everything was fairly efficient and helpful.

The bathroom was giant, taken up mostly by a large shower. The only problem I had with the room was that we couldn’t figure out how to make the shower head change its angle. The water pressure was great and it was so nice to take a hot shower each night. I brought shampoo with us, but they had a little dispenser with a shampoo/body wash.  Makes traveling a lot easier!

There were also other special touches here and there like free wi-fi throughout the building and a computer/printer combo open to the guests on the first floor.  In the same room are a few couches and a TV which was tuned to CNN for most of our visit. The front desk has maps, brochures, and suggestions on where to grab a bite to eat. Unlike a lot of other hotels in Europe, Hotel Christian has a lift which is very small and has mirror walls. You can probably only fit 3 people in there and walking out backwards might be necessary. We only took the lift two or three times, but noticed immediately that there was a fun mirror trick  

If you are visiting Copenhagen and looking for a place to stay, we would totally recommend booking at Hotel Christian IV. The next time we visit, we will be!


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Image of the Hotel Christian IV awning courtesy of the hotel.

10 thoughts on “Hotel Christian IV

  1. We have booked hotels through Expedia a lot of times and being luxury travelers have found that the options Expedia provides are pretty decent. Hotel Christian IV in Copenhagen, Denmark seems to be a perfect place to stay that too as you mention it is quiet and safe. I loved the funny mirror in that small lift. It look quite funny. 🙂

    1. Yeah, I didn’t try it since we had a loooot of walking to do or travel on a train…but seems like a normal thing in Scandinavia? The room was cute, sparse, but comfy.

    1. I was a little concerned about booking through Expedia, but we had great seats on the plane, a great hotel, and short connections!

  2. Looks like a nice, quaint hotel. I like to stay at hotels in residential areas as it gives you a great feel of the local vibe. Copenhagen is such an amazing city and this hotel seems to encompass what the city is all about!

  3. The hotel looks nice and thanks for the post.
    For me choosing a hotel is always about location, location, and location. But of course the cleanliness of the room and breakfast are important as well! @ knycx.journeying

    1. My husband is extremely concerned about bugs, but we’ve had some great luck. The breakfast was a wonderful addition as it saved us money each morning!

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